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How three little pigs opened an online casino

Once upon a time…
…a mother pig lived on a farm and had three sons. When they grew up and became adults, their mother sent them into the world to try their luck. “Be very careful of the big bad wolf,” the mother warned her three pigs.

The three piggies decided then to try their luck.
The first piggy could to count to six. He figured rolling the dice was the fastest way to win. The second piggy was lazy and said “Better to play the slot machines.” While the third piggy was the cleverest and knew the best thing was roulette.

The first pig played dice. He had a lot of luck and won quite a bit of money. He built himself a huge game room where he was just rolling dice. But then along came the big bad wolf into the game room. He was a better player than the pig and beat the pig the first time they rolled the dice…and then a second time...and then a third time...until the pig had nothing left.

The second pig played the slot machines until the arcade hardly had a coin left. The arcade owner was very sad so the piggy bought the arcade. The second piggy now had his own arcade where he could play just the slot machines. But then the Big Bad Wolf arrived to finish him off, and once again there was nothing left in the slot machines.

The third piggy was a master at roulette. It only took a few games for him to win millions. He had just collected his winnings when suddenly the Big Bad Wolf appeared and began playing...
...the pig took the rest of his winnings and fled from the casino.

“We’ve got nothing, what can we do”, cried the first two piggies.

- “Don’t worry, I still have some money left over.”

“But if the Big Bad Wolf finds us, he’ll rip us off for everything.”

- “We’ll create our own online casino, and the big bad wolf will never find us.”

And ever since the three little piggies have been living at

…and what about the Big Bad Wolf?
He’d won so much money that he never even tried looking for the three little pigs. He drove his BMW to the most expensive restaurants and when he began after a while to get bored, he bought a villa in the Seychelles and stopped being interested in the pigs. Then one day, while sitting on the terrace of his villa with a huge caviar fountain spraying pure champagne and covered by busts of gorgeous wolves, he was surfing the Internet when he suddenly came across
“And look at this!” he exclaimed to himself, “The three little piggies have opened another casino. Well what about it? I’ve already got enough money...although...”

...and he began rolling the dice, trying the slot machines and playing online roulette.

And there were the pigs handing out money to anyone who wanted to play, and the Big Bad Wolf still got lucky. And unless the domain expires, fortune will be shining on him forever…