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Caribbean Poker- rules

Caribbean Stud Poker, or simply Caribbean Poker is very simple and fun. You can’t miss it in a good casino.

Rules for Caribbean Stud Poker

A luxurious combination of poker and blackjack; the object is to have a better hand than the dealer. Even if several people are playing together, you are playing as in blackjack only against the dealer.

The rules are really simple. You have five cards. First you ante in. The dealer deals the cards to himself and you face down. One card is then turned over. When you see your own cards and the dealer’s one card face up, you have to decide whether to fold your cards (not to bet) or to double the ante. The dealer then reveals his remaining cards.

And there is one more rule. The dealer has to stand when he has a king or ace. If the dealer doesn’t have these two cards, the ante is taken off the table and the player gets a 1:1 payout.

In the case of a draw, bets are returned to the players.Winnings depend on your hand. For example: a royal flush is much higher than two pairs. Before you start playing, look at the payout odds for each hand.