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You can find the most popular online games at no charge here. The pigs have a lot of fun with these slot machines. The more popular games definitely include online poker, online casino and keno.

European Roulette

No proper online casino can exist without European roulette; the three little pigs certainly know that. This is classical online roulette that consists of 37 pockets. So step right up and try your luck. Like the other games, you can naturally play European roulette online at no charge.

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Do you have a fancy to play baccarat online? The three little pigs can teach you the game. Try it first for free. Baccarat is played classically with 52 cards. It’s actually making a simple bet of whose cards will add up closer to nine: the player’s or the banker’s? Remember that the 10, Jack, Queen and King have no value and the Ace is worth only 1 point.

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Online Keno is extremely popular. The three pigs like it particularly because even if you bet only small amounts, you can still win enormous amounts. 80 numbers are in play and 20 numbers are drawn in each round. Can you guess them? For starters, just calmly try Keno at no charge.

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European Blackjack

Classic online European blackjack is nothing more than having the value of your cards add up as close as possible to 21 without going over. The Jack, Queen and King face cards are worth 10 points. The ace can be either 1 or 11 points depending on the best fit for you. The three little pigs really enjoy playing blackjack online. You can easily try it right now at no charge.

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Cleopatra's Secret

Ancient Cleopatra gave the three little pigs a secret to a truly royal slot machine game. Five spinning reels with an incredible 25 winning lines have everything you could ever think of: wildcards, scattering, risk multiplier and free spins. Try these machines online. You can start immediately at no charge.

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