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10 cent line - The winner of a match with a 10-cent difference between the favorite and the underdog.


20 cent line - The winner of a match with a 20-cent difference between the favorite and the underdog.


Acceptance phase - Date when owners and coaches have to decide if their horses are going to race.
Accumulator (accumulated bet) - Bets involving two or more wagers where payouts from the first wager are used as an ante for the second wager, from which winnings are applied to the third wager. This procedure is repeated until all accumulated bets are exhausted.
Across the card - Betting on races taking place at the same time in different venues/races.
Action - The total amount bet, whether in terms of betting or the betting office. In baseball it is a wager where it is not important who raises.
Added game - A game that is not a regular part of the game plan at Las Vegas and is added due to customer interest.
All weather track - A track surface that reduces the impact of bad weather conditions. This also reduces the probability that the race will not be run.
Amount of payment - The amount of money that a customer gets, including the original stake. Customers sometimes mistakenly confuse the amount to be paid with the profit.
At the post - A term indicating that all horses are located at the starting line of a race.


B.A.G.S. - Abbreviation for Bookmakers' Afternoon Greyhound Service (a company organizing afternoon greyhound races)
B.A.G.S. forecast - automatically sets forecast dividends for B.A.G.S greyhound races.
Balloted out - A procedure where the number of participants in a race us lowered, done in cases where more horses applied to race than is allowed for safety reasons. The number of horses is reduced in ascending order by the weight of the horses.
Bar price - races attendants where no betting odds have been set in early SIS reviews.
Board prices - Odds transmitted from horserace betting before the race. Customers may bet with these odds and if they do so, bets will be closed at these odds regardless of the final starting odds.
Buy - Customers receive in a handicapped match a half point or more in their favor at the price of lower odds.


Canadian line - A combination of a handicap and a bet on a game winner in ice hockey.
Circled game - A game or match where a limited possibility for bets is announced due to injury or bad weather.
Co-favorite - Where a race or sporting event has 3 or more participants with the same lowest odds listed.
Computer straight forecast (CSF) - Dividends set up for £1 and paid to customers who successfully and in the correct order forecast first and second place in a horse race or greyhound race.
Condition for a win (Any to come betting), known also as “If cash” - A condition used in cases where part of the winnings from one bet are reused as a wager for a later bet.
Condition for loss (If lose) - A condition for a wager where subsequent bets depend on whether the previous wagers were won or lost.
Coupled - One or more wagers grouped for betting purposes.
Cover - If the favorite wins by more points than were needed to win.


Dead heat - Two or more race participants crossing the finish line at almost the same time, i.e. the winner cannot be determined even after a photograph at the finish line has been studied.
Dime line - 10-cent-line (setting the above odds) in baseball.
Dividend - In American horseracing, dividends are set at a $2 wager and you obtain a dividend for each $2 USD you enter.
Dog (underdog) - The team that is expected to lose; see “underdog“.
Double action - A type of conditional bet (“if bet“) where a bettor may only bet if a prior bet wins, the match ends in a draw or the event is cancelled.
Double header - Two different games played by the same teams in a single day.


Each-way - A term used in betting on a horse to win or place.
Early prices - Odds offered at selected races on race before the actual start of betting at the racetrack.
Even money - A bet where the odds are 1:1 / 2.00; a bet with no set mathematical advantage for the bookmaker.
Evens (1:1 or 2.00) - odds where winnings equal the bets originally wagered.
Exacta - Exacta is a type of American horseracing bet where bettors pick the horses who will finish first (win) and second (place) in a race. To receive a payout it is necessary to bet the correct horses to win and place. A “forecast bet” in the United Kingdom is
Exotic bet - Bets announced at customer request, for example betting on the first and second half of a match, handicap bets or betting on a match winner.


Favorite - Participant in a race who is expected to win. Announced odds reflect the probability in which the expected winner is favored.
Favorite - Race participant that has the most bets wagered, i.e. the one with the lowest odds.
Final four - Remaining four university teams from the original 64 who play for the National Championship.
First show - First odds for a specific sport event/race.
Forecast - A bet in a horse or greyhound race where the exact order of the horses or dogs finishing a race in first and second place is wagered.
Full cover - Total number of pairs, triplets and accumulated stakes in a given number of wagers.


Grand salami - Total number of goals scored in all hockey matches in one day. Bets can be wagered for a lower or higher number of goals (over/under).


Handicap - A race where competitors do not start under the same conditions, e.g. some horses carry extra weight, dogs must run extra yards/meters, etc.
Handicap - A virtual edge one team has over the other (handicap).
Handicap (Puckline) - Unlike the Canadian Line with both handicap betting and a wager made on the winner, only the handicap is involved.
Home team - A team playing in their own city.


Joint favorites - A term denoting two participants in one sport event who together have the lowest odds.
Juice - The betting office’s mathematical edge over the bookmaker.


Line - Current odds or handicaps in a sporting event.
Lines - Another name for odds.
Listed pitchers - In baseball, a bet that is valid only if both listed pitchers start the game, otherwise the bet will be cancelled.
Long term bets (Ante-post) - Ante-post betting odds are betting odds offered for all main events before the actual date of the event itself. Bets are normally accepted provided that whatever is betted actually participates (e.g. the horse is not scratched), the bet is lost.
Long term bets (Future) - Bets on the winners of different main sport events taken in advance (related e.g. to the Super Bowl, World Series, Stanley Cup and NBA Championship).


Match winner, Winner (Money line) - Odds (lines) on a team to win a game or match with no draw.
MLB - Major League Baseball


Net win - The extra amount a customer gains, i.e. without the originally betted amount.
No action - A bet where money is neither won nor lost. See “push”.


Odds against (Odds greater than 2.00) – - Odds greater than 2.00 (1:1), i.e. payouts are greater than the amount wagered.
Odds on (Odds less than 2.00) - Odds less than 2.00 (1:1), i.e. payouts are less than the amount wagered.
Odds review (Show) - An overview of odds displayed by SIS or any similar company during a sporting event.
Off the board - Matches or games where bets are not accepted by a betting office.
Outsider (Underdog) - The team expected to lose. The term “dog” is also used.
Over - Sports betting where bettors guess whether the total number of points scored by both teams will exceed a predetermined number of points.
Overtime - Time added at the end of regulation play in the case of a tie. Overtime lasts until a winner is determined or after the maximum number of overtime periods.


Pari-mutuel - Pari-mutuel is a French totalizer. English bookmakers often pay out winnings accordingly to Pari-mutuel at major French sport events.
Parlay - A type of a bet that is dependent on meeting more than one condition to win.
Permutations/perm - A term most often used in football betting meaning “any”, for example “perm 3 of five” means all triples created from 5 wagers.
Pick - Describes a situation where none of the teams or none of the possibilities offered is a favorite (also called Pick ‘em).
Place - A bet in horseracing that pays out if the chosen horse finishes 1st (win) or 2nd (place).
Postponed – - A game or match cancelled or moved to a later date for any reason.
Push - Matches that are drawn after handicaps are figured in or the total number of points equals the announced threshold.


Quinella - Quinella is a type of American horseracing bet that includes 2 bets on 2 horses in a race to win (finish 1st) and place (finish 2nd), regardless of the order in which they finish.


Rained out - A game or match cancelled due to inclement weather.
Reverse - a term used in horseracing: it requires another “exacta bet” that specifies two horses in reverse order to what is listed in the first “exacta bet”.
Round robin - Combined parlay bets involving 3 or more teams and all available options.
Ryder Cup - A golf tournament where every two years the best American and European golf players participate and that is held in alternate years on both continents.


Show - A bet in horseracing that pays out if the chosen horse finishes 1st (win), 2nd (place) or 3rd (show).
Simple event (Single action) - a type of conditional bet (“if bet”) where a bettor may continue to place bets only when a prior bet has been won.
Stake - Amount of money a customer is willing to wager on a specific bet.
Stake on “one” - Minimum wager required for a specific bet.
Starting prices/SP - Odds for which bets are closed unless alternative odds are first chosen.
Steward’s enquiry - An investigation by inspectors of any suspected breach of rules during a race.
Straight bet - A bet made on only one team or horse


Tattersalls - Usually the main spectator section at a racetrack.
Tie - A bet where money is neither won nor lost because the number of points scored by the teams was the same as the number of points announced.
Total - Total goals or points, where the customer may bet on the higher or lower amount reached.
Tote - An alternative to betting on the starting odds that operates on the pool/bank principle.
Trifecta - Trifecta is a type of American bet in horseracing where customers bet on horses to finish 1st (win), 2nd (place) and 3rd (show). To win it is necessary to correctly guess the exact order of win, place and show. The “tricast bet” in the United Kingdom is s
Type/types - A horse, greyhound, football team etc. that a customer places a wager on to win a specific event.


Under - Sports betting where bettors guess whether the total number of points scored by both teams will be less than a predetermined number of points.


Vigorish - The betting office’s mathematical edge over the bookmaker; also known as “juice“.


Walk over (W.O.) - Indicates a situation where only one participant/horse shows up at the start.
Weighing jockeys (Weighed in) - A “weighed in” signal is given after all jockeys are weighed after finishing a race. Confirmation that the jockeys weigh approximately the same as was assessed to their horses before the rate is the responsibility of the Clerk of the Scales.
Withdrawn - A decision to scratch a horse from a race before the race starts whether it is in the starter’s power or not.