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Always Hot

Novomatic games are synonymous with quality games. Anyone that is familiar with casinos will also know and recognize the brand as one of the leading in the gaming industry.

With the game “Always Hot” it is no exception, and leaves no doubt as to why Novomatic has achieved this status. “Always hot” is a classic slot machine in every sense of the word, from how the machine is designed, its sounds and graphics, and its overall classic feel that the game conveys. It is a perfect example of how good and intelligent yet simple design can be made into a very successful game, one which people still play to this day. This is a stark contrast to recent trends in game design have geared toward more sophisticated graphics, sounds, and even more complex game modes.

Always hot” slot consists of 3 reels and a total of 5 paylines. The symbols displayed in the actual game are the classic symbols you would expect to see if you thought of a slot machine in a casino. The classic “7”, “BAR”, and an assortment of fruit such as lemons, cherries, oranges and bananas all make an appearance as well.  Even the most seasoned players are still attracted to this game, which is already over a decade old, because they know (as the name implies) the machine is “Always Hot”, with a potential win always just around the corner. Adding to the fact it is made by Novomatic, this is one game players will not want to pass up.

novomatic - always hot

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