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Online Roulette

In the 17th century a French physicist wanted to invent a perpetual motion machine. Instead he designed the so-called roulette wheel (i.e. “little wheel”), creating French Roulette, though the three little pigs more often call it European Roulette. Online roulette is much faster and has more action than classic roulette. The 3 Pigs Casino has two basic roulette games. Which of them is better for you?

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What about American Roulette for free, or European? It basically makes no difference. It’s nothing at all and the three pigs will play with you non-stop. Try playing roulette and at no charge!

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American Roulette

Play American Roulette online – probably the greatest classic in the online casino. The three little pigs love roulette. In the USA the wheel’s a bit larger because there’s also double zero. Therefore, online American Roulette has 38 pockets.

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European Roulette

No proper online casino can exist without European roulette; the three little pigs certainly know that. This is classical online roulette that consists of 37 pockets. So step right up and try your luck.

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