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What are Mystery Jackpots?

3Pigs are offering to all the friends 2 kinds of Mystery Jackpots: Golden Jackpot and Mystery Jacpot. Therefore the chance is even bigger...! You can see the actual amount of Mystery Jacpots on our main web page

3Pigs Casino Mystery Jackpots has given away thousend of EURO to the unexpected winners. It’s so easy to become a Mystery Jackpot winner when you least expect it.

Mystery Jackpots offer you an extra chance to win even if you don’t have a winning combination. Over and above our standard jackpots, Mystery Jackpot payouts won’t affect your normal game play or the standard jackpot amounts.

Where can I win a Mystery Jackpot?

3Pigs Casino Mystery Jackpots pay out randomly on all played games throughout the 3Pigs Casino for a real money.

How do the Mystery Jackpots work?

  • Each Mystery Jackpot is assigned a minimum and maximum value.
  • The jackpot is guaranteed to pay out somewhere between the maximum and minimum value as determined by our Random Number Generator. Someone will win before the maximum value is reached.
  • Each time you play the game, yours could be the play that triggers a Mystery Jackpot payout.

When do the Mystery Jackpots happen?

They are happening all around you all the time. No one knows just when, where or whom a Mystery Jackpot will strike nor how much you’ll win. It’s all up to chance.

What do you mean I don’t have to hit a winning combination to win?

  • It’s true, you don’t have to have a winning combination to win a Mystery Jackpot.
  • Mystery Jackpots give you an extra chance to walk away with bonus cash and prizes.
  • And once again: At 3 Pigs you don’t even have to hit a winning combination to win!